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Who is Mark Zuckerberg?

We all know this familiar face to well as Mark Zuckerberg is the Ceo of Facebook the most popular social media platform to date, Mark is not only the Ceo but he is also the face of Facebook as he puts himself in the forefront of every Facebook activity.

Mark Zuckerberg became the world’s youngest billionaire at the mere age of 24 this is an epic achievement by any means and is one of many moments that will carve Marks name in to the very fabric of time forever.

Facebook is currently the leading social media platform, reaching more than 900 million active users across the globe.  Facebook spread like wildfire from the day Mark launched it whilst at Harvard on February 4th 2004.

Its hard to believe that one nerdy geeky kid with a good head on his shoulders and a knack for coding could really achieve so much in such a short period of time.

Whilst many of his fellow student’s were partying til the early hours, Mark was coding in his dorm room working on the early stages of Facebook.

It takes a great deal of determination to pursue a dream when one does not know the outcome of its success.  Many people his age wouldn’t even of entertained that amount of work whilst studying at college, yet there he was working nonstop because he believed in what he was doing.

Mogul In The Making Mark Zuckerberg pictured at Harvard prior to his Facebook success
Who is Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg in his early days at Havard

photo credit wikipedia

Race For The Crown

Mark took a lot of risks when he was raising money for Facebook but these were calculated risks, even when he had investors interested in his project he didn’t go with just anyone. He waited until he found the right investor with the right background, skill set and of course the money to work with before agreeing sign on any deal.

Most people would take the first offer on the table without thinking twice about if they were 100% sure they were the right people to partner with. This was definitely a risky move on Zuckerberg’s part but as I said earlier a calculated risk which has paid off for him in the end.

In the beginning Mark and Facebook had some competition, one other social network in particular. MySpace!

This didn’t deter Zuckerberg from pursuing his vision for Facebook as he realized that having competition was a good thing as this means your product has a market.

Mark was never put off by any of his site’s competition he held firm and continued to out work and out think his competition and soon enough Facebook over took Myspace in the race for the social network crown.

Since the launch of Facebook it has continued to grow at an exponential rate since this day and has acquired many companies under the Facebook umbrella, to date the popular social network has acquired a total of 67 other companies many of which are not common knowledge to most people, but here are a two of the more known Facebook acquisitions;

  • Instagram acquired for 1 billion dollars now valued at $35 billion
  • Whatsapp acquired for 1 billion dollars now valued at $19 billion
Un-Luckéy Investment

You can see just from these two deals that Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook board of Investors have a keen eye for when something is a good investment, this is not always the case though as their has been a few bad investments over the years such as one company imp-articular called Oculus VR has been one big head ache for our successful Tech Mogul Oculus VR Co founded by Palmer Luckey and Brendan Iribe which was acquired by Facebook for $2 billion but not only did Oculus VR not hit anywhere near expected sales it also had other problems.

  • The Daily Beast reported that Luckey was the backer of a conservative group dedicated to posting anti-Hillary Clinton memes.
  • Luckey’s appearance on the cover of Time received as much ridicule as it did praise.
  • Oculus was accused of stealing the technology its product is based on, and Facebook paid an extra $500 million in legal fees.
  • Luckey, Oculus founder was replaced as the leader of his own company for a more competent executive.
You Have Take Risks

Mark Zuckerberg has a net worth of $70.1 billion as of 2018 making him one of the richest men in the world.  You can see that with any great success you will always find failure, this is part and parcel of success and the super successful know this only to well.  To be successful you have take risks and Zuckerberg knew that even at the age of 19.

With the amount of wealth and power Mark Zuckerberg has acquired he could easily disappear in to the sunset and let others run Facebook. Instead, he still works hard daily to run the company as Ceo and is always hands on with everything that his company is involved in, including any criticism that Facebook confronts.

Iceberg Ahead

Facebook has been the subject of countless lawsuits such as the recent data breach where Mark had to testify before Congress about Facebook’s privacy tactics.  This was to bring to light the recent Facebook data breach where as Facebook shared details with Cambridge Analytica in one of the social network’s largest data breaches.  The majority of those whose information was shared with the data analytics firm was around 70 million users in the US.

Despite all the hardships and challenges Mark Zuckerberg remains professional, resilient and forward facing as he battles on in the pursuit of what he believes is right.  Mark has a rare set of characteristics that are coupled up with an exceptional mind and an entrepreneurial spirit that enable him to work through all of the obstacles he has faced to ensure his company succeeds.

Mark replied to me on Facebook with a well-known quote by Peter Drucker which sums up his whole journey.

The best way to predict the future is to create it - Peter Drucker via Mark Zuckerberg @Finkd Click To Tweet

Mark Zuckerberg is using his immense wealth to become quite the philanthropist as he and his wife Dr. Priscilla Chan founded the organization ‘The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative’. They have pledged to invest $3 billion in disease research technology with the goal to cure-all world diseases.

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