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Who is Bill Gates

Bill Gates 
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Who is Bill Gates?

There’s no doubt that Bill Gates an innovative visionary that sparked a computer revolution and helped lead us into today’s digital space.

You can’t really argue, he isn’t one of the most successful entrepreneurs of the 20th century! Since 1987, Gates has been included in the Forbes list of the world’s wealthiest people, which documents and indexes figures from the wealthiest people.

Bill Gates held the Forbes title of richest person in the world from 1995 to 2017 apart from 4 of those years over that span of 22 years.  In October 2017 his estimated net worth was $89.9 billion dollars.

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He took what started as a two-man band and which grew into one of the biggest companies in the World.

Amazing to think how much Bill Gates has achieved from such small beginning’s which has made him one of the richest people on earth!

Bill didn’t invent anything new.  But what he did do was to ‘Innovate’ he thought out of the box and took existing technology and simply adapted it to a different market.

From there, he then turned his attention to dominating the market via innovative promotions and keen business sense.

Gates didn’t even graduate college!

He entered Harvard in the fall of 1973, but by the time 1974 rolled round he dropped out and moved to Albuquerque with his friend (and future partner Paul Allen), which was what started their path to success.

Their story starts after Allen showed Gates an article on the world’s first microcomputer – the Altair 8800.  They then called the manufacturer, MITS, and told them they had written a version of BASIC for it (even though they didn’t have anything) and landed a meeting.

They rushed to create anything and didn’t even know if their program would work when it was tested in the meeting, but it did and that’s that start of the Microsoft story and was a defining moment in their journey to success.

After he and Allen moved to Seattle in 1979 they began to push the growth of Microsoft and made millions in 1980.  Microsoft grew at an astounding rate unchecked until Apple came along in 1984 to release the first Mac computer.

This didn’t deter or phase Gates, who kept on releasing new software for Windows, which would ultimately lead to its dominance in the 1990’s.

Bill Gates intelligence didn’t just focus on software product development and covered all sides of the industry, from product development to corporate strategy.

Gates was known to develop a profile of all possible scenarios and run through them by asking questions about anything that could happen with it to be better prepared.

Many have described Gates as a ruthless competitor, but really he was just competitive in nature. Anyone looking to grow their company wants to see it succeed no matter what, and Gates was no different.

Soon after, the Federal Trade Commission started to investigate Microsoft for unfair marketing practice, which continued throughout the 1990’s, with any great success there always lies a certain amount of challenges to face.

Gates continued to push on like any true entrepreneur, he fought through it and was able to continue his mission of making Microsoft one of the biggest companies of the world.

Despite his success Bill wanted to do good and has shown this through his own foundation ‘The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’.

In fact Bill Gates has given the highest amount to charity among the world greatest philanthropists, coming in at $35 billion!  Although Bill Gates is retired from Microsoft he continues to use his success and wealth to help better this world, which is an inspiration to all of us.

Bill Gates Is An Inspiration

Bill Gates is a true testament to philanthropy and definitely one of the most inspirational figures in the business world!

If you’re looking for a role model or just an inspiring person to follow, look no further than Bill Gates.

Here a YouTube video of Bill Gates completing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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