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Successful Businessman Interview with Alfie Best

Interview with Alfie Best

Welcome to our successful businessman interview with Alfie Best, but who exactly is Alfie?

Alfie Best, known as The Gypsy King has appeared on many television programmes such as Channel 4’s ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Fortune’, BBC’s ‘Britain’s Spending Secrets’ presented by Anne Robinson which contributed to his ever increasing public profile. As well as the Channel 5 series ‘How the Other Half Lives’ presented by Eamonn Holmes & Ruth Langsford.
Alfie Best born and raised a Romany Gypsy, had started his first successful businessman venture at the mere age of 14 years buying and selling cars and vans. Then in the 1990’s Alfie moved with the times and became the owner of several mobile phone shops across London. This move embedded new ideas and with his hands on approach and unique business style he launched a new business the company that is now a giant Wyldecrest Parks.
Wyldecrest Parks is the largest park and holiday home operator in the UK and is now valued at a staggering £230 million worth.It has also recorded remarkable growth in the past couple of years by acquiring more than 30% of its current nationwide portfolio and invested in its parks’ development.

Alfie Best is successful businessman and extremely wealthy but just how wealthy is he we interviewed him to find out.

Car – Mercedes G-Wagon valued at £165,000, a Bentley worth £290,000, and a brand new Ferrari at £185,000.

Houses – £12 million Hertfordshire estate with its own a helicopter pad & £12,000 copper bath, A luxury flat in Mayfair and a farm in potters bar.

Businesses – Wyldecrest Parks est value £200+ million, Sapey Golf and Country Club, The Rare Cow restaurant chain, the Vinyl Bar, Kyoto Furniture and Best Park Home Finance.

The Reign of The Gypsy King – Successful Businessman Interview

Q 》What age did your entrepreneurial mindset kick in and what do you think ignited it?

I believe my entrepreneurial mindset kicked in when I was 14. This was ignited by seeing many people in a much better position than me and I felt that I could achieve this too.

Q》You’ve been sited in the media on ‘How The Other Half Live’ with Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford, What did you take away from this experience and do you plan to do any more TV opportunities?

The experience for me of doing this programme was a little bit surreal as whilst I was watching, it didn’t actually feel as if the person was me but that I was somebody else looking in. Sometimes we can be so busy working our lives, we forget to appreciate what we have.

We do have further TV plans; we have a great documentary coming up which is helping people out of debt and assisting them in managing their finances better. It felt great for me to actually be helping people.

Q 》You’ve amassed great wealth and success, was there a time when you struggled and if so how did you get through it?

My upbringing was not one of wealth so some would say that was a struggle but of course I was rich in many other ways with a very supportive family around me. I felt the struggle when I was 20; I had made it as a millionaire but overnight I nearly went bust and was forced to sleep in my car.

I refused to let this moment define me and so I was looking for the next opportunity; I noticed that mobile phone shops were opening up everywhere and so I got myself a job in one to learn all I could about the industry. From this I opened my own shop and expanded to 13 shops within 18 months; the drive to better myself got me through.

Q 》Do you think being a Romany Gypsy has helped you or hinder you in certain situations in life?

I am very proud to know my roots and of course it has hindered me in some aspects of my life but these hindrances have actually been benefits; when someone says you can’t, used in the right context, can give you the mindset to prove them wrong.

Q 》Do you have any future plans for Wyldecrest Parks that will make them stand out above all of your competition?

Wyldecrest Parks has achieved so much in such a short period of time, we have achieved the ISO 9001 certification plus Home Authority Agreements with Trading Standards and the Fire DepartmentThese are ground-breaking in themselves as we are the only park home operator to achieve these benchmark accolades.

Wyldecrest Parks is the UK’s largest residential mobile home park operator but also the largest mobile home park operator that has ever been! We are currently purchasing new parks here in the UK and the USA and have our sights set on being the largest mobile home park operator in the world that has ever been. We are looking to change people’s lives in an innovative way offering a one-stop shop of park homes, finance and insurance for all our customer needs.

Q 》You launched an investment company under the Wyldecrest umbrella, what opportunities are you looking for and what is the best way for people to contact you?

We are constantly looking for companies to invest in that are currently attached or can be attached to the mobile home park sector.We want to enhance their success with our experience and understanding of our customers and residents to Benefit all. I’ve loved this successful businessman interview as I know aspiring entrepreneurs will be reading this and it will to help them on their journey. The best way to contact me is through my own personal website – alfiebest.co

Q 》 What was your biggest mistake and what did you learn from it?

Making mistakes can be painful and very costly at the time you make them but mistakes can be a valuable lesson for anyone later on down the road, you can usually turn them in to your advantage.

The most costly mistake I have made was investing in an industry that I had no knowledge of so I was solely reliant on the knowledge of the people I was investing in; I wasn’t sure whether the information I was given was correct or not. The lesson learnt was to only invest in what you feel you have a good gut feeling about or professional attributes towards.

Q 》Which entrepreneur or successful businessman person do you consider the Most Mogul?

David Sullivan is a fantastic business mogul whom I have met on several occasions. He has invested in a variety of different businesses, some challenging and some not so but he has achieved greatness from a street trader to billionaire status.

To Contact Successful Businessman Alfie regarding an Interview, Media appearances speaking event or investment opportunities go to  – Alfiebest.co/pr-media

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