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Samuel Leeds

Samuel Leeds – Director, Property Investors UK.

Who is Samuel Leeds?

Samuel Leeds is an international speaker, two-times best-selling author and a leader in property investment industry. He started investing in property at the age of 17 and became a property millionaire by the time he was 21 which is also the age that he became financially free. Samuel is the Founder of Training Kings and a Mentor at Property Investors UK.

Most Mogul caught up with Samuel Leeds who gave us his 7 steps to Property Investment for beginners that he says if followed then anyone can be successful in the property investment game.

Starting out in property can be a daunting thing and you may feel out of your depth as a total newbie beginner to property or even a teenager like Samuel was.


Samuel Leeds shares his 7 steps for beginners who are starting out in their property investing journey and need some good solid advice.

Samuel Leeds 7 Steps For Property Beginners

1 – Get into a good circle

What people don’t realise is that they are the makeup of the five people they spend the most time with. If you are reading this and thinking, I probably need a new group of friends then that is probably true! You can meet like-minded people at property networking groups such as Property Investors Circle run by Samuel.

You need to get yourself around successful people who understand property so you can learn from them and have people who will be cheering you on in your journey. This is will have a massive positive impact on you. If you have people who are un-supportive you need to start limiting the time you spend with them.

Instead of 2 hours spend 2 minutes with them! Samuel’s first property deal did not go down in his name and he used none of his own money. He says it is all about who you know not what you know.

2 – Don’t be intimidated by anybody

When you are going to these events and meeting people who are older than you or more successful than you don’t be intimidated. Samuel says ‘Always remember you always overestimate the intelligence of others and underestimate yourself.’ Just because someone is older than you does not mean you should be intimidated and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

3 – The ‘coffee trick’

There are a lot of people out there who are more successful than you and/or a few steps ahead of you and it is good to lean from these people. Why not just ask them to go out for a coffee with you? Be upfront, tell them you’d love to get to know them and ask them a few questions about how they have done what they’ve done.

This can be a good way of learning without spending lots of money. Don’t be a sponge but make the most out of the people that you have in your circle.

4 – Don’t quit your job to do property full-time

Sometimes people get carried away and think committing themselves into property full-time is the best thing to when starting out. But this in fact is not what you should do. You want to stay in your job or at least working part-time hours so you can save up money and not have difficulty obtaining a mortgage.

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5 – Write down your goals and tell people your goals

Someone once said if you haven’t written down your goals, then it is just a dream. You don’t want to be a dreamer, you want to be an actual doer and a success so write down your goals and don’t be afraid to make them ambitious.

Samuel recommends breaking this down in monthly and yearly goals, that way your goal will not be daunting as you will be taking it on in small chunks. For example, Samuel says when he first started out in property at 17, his first goal was just to find a house then he gradually upped it and upped it to the next level.

6 – Remember that property is not the best thing to invest in

Don’t invest in property first invest in yourself. The bigger you grow, the bigger your bank and portfolio will grow. So immerse yourself in education.

Jim Rohn says ‘Formal education will earn you a living, self-education will earn you a fortune’. Read all the books you can to educate yourself. You could start by reading Samuel’s book or attending one of his 2 day property crash courses, where you will learn everything you need to be successful in property investment.

So remember to immerse yourself in the subject and field of property investment.


7 – Do whatever it takes!

Understand that growing a property portfolio from scratch will take a lot of hard work and discipline. But if you do what most people are not prepared to do now, then you will be able to do most people can’t do in a few years time. So if you have got to get up early to get to that networking event, or live below your means for a short while to save money for a deposit, then absolutely do what you need to do.

We would like to say a big thank you to Samuel Leeds for his time and for sharing his top 7 steps to property investment for beginners.

Samuel holds regular events teaching people many things about the property game such as;  How to buy with no money and no experience, where and what to buy, how to source properties and pass them on for a fee and much more.

Samuel’s events always sell out fast as hundreds of people book up to learn from the young property investor.

Get 2 free tickets to one of Samuel’s events visit –

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