Interview With Sam Piri- Aspire to be Inspired From A Successful Entrepreneur

Samuel Piri, Aspire to be InspiredSam Piri – Director at Inspire To Achieve Events Ltd (ITAE Group)


Who is Sam Piri?

The face of Inspire To Achieve Events the latest anatomy dissecting craze to hit the UK. ITAE are trailblazing by way of educational events and professional training.

They believe in creating memorable, exciting and captivating moments whilst blowing your mind as they deliver the awe-inspiring and unimaginable in front of your very eyes. Sam appeared on the BBC 2 show ‘Dragons Den’ on August 12, 2018, where he delivered a flawless pitch which won him a £90,000 investment from Peter Jones and Deborah Meaden.


Interview With Sam Piri “Aspire to be Inspired”- Mogul In The Making

Q》Can you explain to our audience about your company “Inspire To Achieve Events Ltd”?

The ITAE Group was built on the founding principles to make learning engaging. We operate at all levels from GCSE to Masters and aim to contextualize anatomy and physiology. We combine a wealth of PhD expertise with talented trained teachers to really ensure our learning experience ticks all the boxes.

Q》You’re pitch to the Dragons seemed almost flawless, did lots of work go in to preparing it and what concerns did you have prior?

As an avid Dragon’s Den viewer, I think I’m pretty clued up on what the basics of a good pitch requires. I know my business inside out as I have built it brick by brick. My teaching background helps my confidence and public speaking -if you can stand up in-front of 300 year 11’s and command their attention then 5 Dragons’s should be a piece of cake! I worked hard to ensure I know my numbers… it was a great experience.

See Samuel pictured below as he gets the Dragons up out of their seats and involved.

Samuel Piri Dragons Den

Q》What was the crucial factor that made you choose Peter Jones and Deborah Meaden over Tej Lalvani?

I know my business! I know who comes along and who benefits from our events. Believe it or not, its not really doctors. Doctors get access to human cadavers routinely. We aim to support other healthcare professionals and students. Nurses, midwives, paramedics and bio-science students just don’t get access to the real specimens.

We have a strong skill set in technical dissection married up with the academic experts that can teach right up to PHD level. For us, we want to expand internationally and the infrastructure network to tap into is going to be key for us as we scale up. Deborah Meaden and Peter Jones absolutely can offer that to us. I am also a firm believer in there has to be negotiation, there was no negotiation on Tej’s part and therefore that also helped me reach a decision.

Q 》Does Inspire To Achieve Events have any plans to expand the business?

Yes –very much so. We are keen to continue to build up a presence in the UK, working to support students, the general public and professionals as well as launching events internationally. We are currently delivering events over in Ireland and hope to start in Europe and the USA as quickly as possible.

Q 》What advice can you give to SMB (Small to Medium Business) owners on a budget, regarding how to take their business to the next level?

I started Inspire to Aspire Events with my house deposit. You have to be prepared to sacrifice everything, and go without if you want to grow and scale quickly. Be prepared to take risks and always follow your own gut instinct. Surround yourself with positive people and always find the most cost effective way to solve problems.

Keep your eyes on the cash and run a good cash reserve –it helps you sleep at night!

Q》Would you be prepared to share the story of your journey at events and also be available for future media opportunities?

Yes, I’m on 07510162379 or

Q》Who do you consider the Most Mogul entrepreneur?

Funnily enough, I would say Peter Jones, now a partner of ours but this guy’s incredible. He’s sharp, spots opportunity and will take a risk!

To learn more about Inspire To Achieve Events Group VisitITAE Group




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