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Who is Richard Reid?

Richard Reid is known to many as Mr Charisma his early career was as a Senior Consultant for a major multi-national business consultancy. He coaches C-Suite leaders on themes such as Charisma and Conscious Leadership, and has helped management teams effectively strategies and solve common problems that many have struggled with for years.

Richard is an expert in Emotional Intelligence and Resilience, a practicing coach and qualified psychologist. He has advised organisations such as Google, PwC, KPMG, Ernst & Young, Cap Gemini and Reckitt Benckiser. Richard often appears in the media where he is recognized as an expert & he has also appeared on Sky 1, BBC, Bloomberg, and Radio 5Live.

Interview With Richard Reid- Mogul In The Making

Q 》Who was most influential in your career and why?

A Welsh psychiatrist called David (I never learnt his surname!).  I shared a tent with him whilst travelling Patagonia in 2003. David was the person who set me on the path to a career in Psychology.

Q 》If you could pick three traits that define success people what would they be?

Self-belief, Adaptability and a Growth mind-set.

Q 》They call you Mr Charisma, So tell us what does charisma really means to you?

Charisma is all about our ability to influence and inspire others whilst simultaneously placing others at the centre of our interactions. By putting others at ease and understanding their hopes, needs and fears better, we can more readily align our interactions to create better long-term relationships and outcomes.

Some of us naturally have more charisma than others, but we all have the capacity to extend our natural range through rehearsal & incremental development.

Being aware of the energy that we bring to situations and building a consistent and authentic brand is vital. Otherwise it will lack credibility or sustainability.

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Q》What books do you recommend and why?

“Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor Frankl – a gritty read outlining the author’s real-life experiences in a Nazi concentration camp. It provides a real insight into the true nature of resilience and what it takes to survive in extreme circumstances.

“The Iliad” by Homer – my original university degree was in Classics. This book has it all, action, romance, philosophy, politics and some powerful insights into the human psyche

“Cure your Phobia in 24 hours” by Richard Reid (it definitely takes priority on my bookcase anyway!)

Q》If you could eat dinner with three people (living or dead) who would they be?

Alexander the Great

He’d have some amazing travel stories… I would be fascinated to find out what he spurred him to conqueror most of the known world.

In an age where we get it wrong so often (Iraq and Afghanistan immediately spring to mind). Here was a man who embraced the cultures that he came into contact with. As a result, he was able to win the hearts and minds of those people, rather than imposing his own culture and beliefs on them.

Dalai Lama

He has a quiet but powerful presence (he is someone who I often refer to during my Charisma Masterclasses).  I imagine that I couldn’t fail to come away from time spent with him feeling like a slightly better version of myself – that’s true Charisma!

My paternal grandfather who died several years before I was born, it feels like a missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

Q》What was your biggest mistake and what did you learn from it?

Living an unexamined life. For a long time, I followed the well-trodden path pursuing the things that we are taught that we must aspire to; university, good job, money, house, car, trophy girlfriend.  When I achieved all of those things, I quickly realised that most of it had minimal intrinsic value to me.

That was when I had my epiphany moment and tossed the rulebook away. Now I place much greater trust on what feels right internally rather than what prevailing wisdom tells me is the right thing to do.

I now have a massive aversion to the word “Should”!

Q》Tell me what is your biggest success to date?

Spontaneously deciding to walk into my boss’ office and telling him that I was leaving back in 2002. That was the start of my journey of self realization 

Q》Do you have a goal you are aiming for in the future and how are you going to get there?

Through my company, Pinnacle Wellbeing Services, I am fully committed to promoting a prevailing culture in which the intrinsic benefits of Psychology are readily recognised and accessible throughout society.

Our overarching aims are to reduce the stigma attached to mental health and to practically demonstrate the vital role of psychological methodologies and technology in the pursuit of personal and business excellence. We are currently developing an online platform to make this happen. Watch this space!

Q 》Who do you consider the Most Mogul entrepreneur and for what reason?

For me it’s has to be Oprah Winfrey!

Here is someone who has demonstrated resilience by the bucket full. She has overcome many early setbacks in life to become hugely successful both in the media and in business to the extent that she is now touted as a potential presidential candidate.

To top it off, she demonstrates such warmth and connection with other people, this is often easy to forget that she wields such power and influence. She definitely up there with some of the most charismatic people who I know.

Pinnacle was founded in 2005 by Richard Reid as a private therapy practice in Mayfair, London

To learn more about Pinnacle go to –

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