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How To Become Productive

How To Become Productive

Learning how to become productive can be a daily struggle for many and can be an overwhelming matter for many people.

Don’t worry you are not alone.

We have created a short powerful list below so you can start getting your time back and ultimately set yourself up to become productive every day from here on out.

We are surrounded daily by tons of distraction that are sucking up our attention continually at every waking second throughout the day.  You need to know how to manage those distractions and learn how to control them rather than vice versa.

We’ve created a list of 5 easy to follow steps that will jet set your life in to an upward spiral of productivity.

It’s Time to become productive!


1) Become Productive – Track where your time is lost

There are many distractions in the world today designed to get your attention and ultimately your time!

“Any of these ring a bell?”

Tv Shows, Gaming, Newspapers, Social Media, Emails, Porn, Films, Socializing,

You might enjoy these things but unfortunately my friend these are stifling your productivity.

The key is to minimize or completely cut out these things altogether, sounds quite hard right well yes some of them maybe as they prey on our addictive tendencies.  Luckily for many of us today most of what we do is accessed through our mobile phone or tablet device.

Log out of Facebook! Delete those productivity killing apps and start making gains today!

There are a couple of apps that after 1-2 weeks to gather information and give you data and facts to analyse and make the appropriate changes to your daily habits which in turn will elevate your productivity

“Here are 2 free apps that allow you to track where your time is being spent”
Iphone App Moment to track and measure your time
Android App Anti-Social to track and measure your time

2) Become Productive – Plan To Succeed

If you are reading this then already you are starting to make a plan of how you want to change your life and become more productive.

You should by now by now be thinking about making a list of things that are non productive that you read about in step 1. Make a list about thing that you want to achieve and prioritize them in order of what you want to get done first.

A crucial factor is to only focus on either 1 or 2 things on that list. It’s like me giving you 6 balls and saying juggle them. You’re likely to drop them because they are hard to manage… but if I give you 1 ball and said juggle then you will see that the task is much easier.

3) Become Productive – Create A Daily Routine

We all have a  set of daily routines but rarely do we actually analyze them, it’s only when we think about them in detail that we can actually put some plans in place to override them and in turn increase our overall time balance and force us to become productive.

By creating your daily routine it then sets your mind in to a loop of productivity so you don’t get distracted by other things that you have not laid out for your New daily routine.
This allows you to work through your day task by task completing and finishing activities throughout your day in a structured approach.

Example Daily Routine.

  • Do not go on your phone as soon as your eyeballs open!
  • In the morning as soon as you wake. Mentally tick things off that you would like to get done today.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast.
  • Meditate or think for 5-10 minutes about your goals.
  • Exercise 3 times a week and even on days off do 5 minutes (Even walk up and down the stairs)
  • Tackle the hard and important tasks first.
  • Need to focus on something BIG. Go to a place where there are NO distractions!
  • Say No to friends & family. Other people’s problems eat away at your time.
  • As you go to sleep think about things that you are trying to better.
  • Get 7-8 hrs Sleep. Working until over tired will set your productivity back the following day by 3 times as much
4) Become Productive – Exercise & Move Your Body

Regular exercise that includes power walking, running, weight lifting, swimming or jogging can help reduce your risk of developing certain types of illness and disease.

This means fewer sick days which equals in more productivity!

One way that exercise can help boost productivity at work is through alertness.  When you exercise, you are also increasing blood flow to the brain, which can help sharpen your awareness and make you more ready to tackle your next big project.

Exercise can also give you more energy. Having more energy means you will feel more awake at work and being able to stay awake longer and feel more alert means there will be more time to get things done.

5) Become Productive – Get Organized

That’s right it’s tidy up time! “but what are we tidying” you might think.

Roll your sleeves up and start scheduling days in  your diary for the things you want tick off that list of jobs that involve organizing/cleaning/de-cluttering & completing. It’s time to spring cling your life!

You can work far more productively if your work area is organized, tidy and free from clutter.

You will become productive more often than not if you actually set a date and allocate time such as hours or even a whole day to ensure that things actually gets done.

“You now have a thought out approach to start getting your time back and are all set to become productive”
“These steps are common knowledge but to many people they are not common practice!

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