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Dragons Den New Series 2018

Ed Hollands – MD of DrivenMedia

Dragons Den New Series 2018 Winner

Ed Hollands is the young faced entrepreneur that conquered the Dragons Den New Series 2018 & received a £30,000 investment for his business DrivenMedia whilst also securing the exceptional mentor Jenny Campbell


Interview – Ed Hollands Dragons Den New Series 2018 Winner

Q》You appeared on Dragons Den New Series 2018, but what made you first go on the show and is there anything that sticks out in your mind about the experience?

Well aside from Peter Jones saying I looked like 14 year old, It was how willing the dragons were to offer ideas to improve the business.

Watching beforehand you only really see one side of them. In the den, there’s a lot more that happens that you don’t see.

“Edward was quick to accept the offer from Dragon Jenny Campbell.. But just how quick?”

Q》Did you go in low knowing that the Dragons would ask for more equity and did you get the Dragon you wanted?

The most I wanted to give away was 20% and I knew I had to have some wiggle room hence my original ask for 10%, it’s the worst mistake most entrepreneurs make not having any wiggle room with their negotiation.

I didn’t really have a dragon in mind heading into the den; all of them could have been a huge asset to DrivenMedia.

Q》What have you learned from being around a Dragon such as Jenny Campbell?

I’ve learnt a lot from Jenny, insights into what’s worked for her previously is probably the most useful for me at this stage.

In reality I’m right at the start of my entrepreneurial journey. Particularly in regards to employing people and scaling my business.

Q》How did the idea for DrivenMedia come about?

Pretty much just walking alongside a traffic jam!

I thought if I had a business those temporarily static trucks with a few hundred cars around them would be where I’d advertise. So much captive audience!

Then thought well what if my business was putting adverts on trucks and bam DrivenMedia was born.

Q》You’re a big fan of Dodgeball but have you had to dodge any balls in business?

Huge fan of dodgeball!

There’s been several business balls to dodge that come to mind.

The biggest and hardest to deal with is having to deal with big companies who are used to throwing their weight around and expecting you to jump because they’re a big household name.

We do certain things for certain clients but we won’t do things that aren’t in the interest of the business.  For example, we’ve leant a helping hand to help with a PR launch, blowing up beachballs working out how to turn the truck into a big ball pit etc.

But we will not work with companies who expect to pay next to nothing for our service, because they don’t value it..

Q》What has been your biggest mistake and what did you learn from it?

Rushing to do things!

When we first launched I had several curtains produced to show that we had truck sides to advertise on.

In hindsight I should have got my brand and business name right and then launched them.

The truck we have now advertising our services looks so much better and portrays the message so much clearer.

Q 》What’s your definition of Success?

I think everyone’s’ definition is different.  Some people think success is just getting enough from their business to survive or go on holiday, some it’s future rewards.

Mine is to be happy and to provide returns, if I’m happy it makes the second part so much more likely.

Q》If you could eat dinner with three people living or dead who would they be and why?

Richard Branson – My entrepreneurial hero. He inspired me to try to become one.

Steve Jobs – He’s a visionary and his marketing is so simple and clever.

Jean-Claude Decaux – An advertising entrepreneur who’s legacy is one of the largest outdoor media owners in the world.

Q》Would you be prepared to share the story of your journey at events and also be available for future media opportunities?
Yes indeed please contact me via DrivenMedia or email my team at info@drivenmedia.co.uk

Q》Who do you consider the Most Mogul entrepreneur?

Richard Branson, his vision for creating a group of businesses all with the same branding was brilliant.

Richard is someone I aspire to be like in the future. He is always looking to use his businesses for social good.  

This young faced entrepreneur certainly looks up to Richard Branson, read this to learn Who Richard Branson Is?!


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