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Craig Newmark

Craig Newmark Founder of Craigslist

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Who is Craig Newmark?

Craig Newmark is the founder of the globally successful American classified site Craigslist which was launched in 1995 but is still one of the most popular sites to date and has editions for practically every city in the U.S. and is even international.

You’ve probably used Craigslist for quite a few things but you might not know who is behind it…?!

That would be Internet entrepreneur Craig Newmark, Craig is also a LinkedIn Influencer with almost 1 million followers

The site goes back to its humble origins in 1995 and was originally a way to on top of San Francisco’s growing technology and art scene and has grown to service more than 20 million visitors on each of its editions each month.

Craig Newmark is the founder and mastermind behind the site, he still considers himself just a “customer service representative.” It’s his humble nature toward his company that makes him an inspiration to all entrepreneurs; just the mere fact that he doesn’t see himself as in charge, but rather providing a service for others.

Newmark started Craigslist as a way to give back to the community he loved. He started it as a small hobby and look what he’s achieved with it now! He wanted to spread the news about art and technology events and it simply snowballed into becoming the Web’s first and foremost classified site.

This just proves to other that sometimes you don’t need a real vision to become successful. Sometimes you just need to have an idea and then let it evolve into something else.

Craig Newmark confesses in a interview with Wired that he built Craigslist with no vision whatsoever!

In a podcast interview with “Wired,” Newmark goes on to explain how he didn’t even see its success happening in the beginning, just continuing his mission to listen to people and treat them how they wanted to be treated. This in turn helped him build a culture of trust, which is how Craigslist became so influential in today’s digital age.

Thanks to tons of feedback from people, Newmark listened and implemented the suggestions and just continued the listening cycle, which is something all entrepreneurs can takeaway from such an inspiring figure.

Newmark showed us that even though you might have a business plan, sometimes you just need to listen to really hear what people and then give them what they want.  Listening to customers and clients is already an essential part of business these days, Newmark’s case exemplifies what can happen when you actually do it right!

There's no genius behind it. It's persistence and listening to people - @craignewmark Click To Tweet

Unlike other entrepreneurs who have found great success like Craig Newmark he still doesn’t think anything of it.

Newmark feels that he’s doing his job and doing it well but understands that there is always room for improvement as he tells the media that he is not done with Craigslist as he continues to listen to what people want to evolve the highly used sight.

Craig realizes that spammers and scammers can be a problem on the site and has every intention to top them all by getting smarter and smarter, utilizing new technology to weed them out.

Many entrepreneurs can really learn from Craig Newmark’s humility and takeaway some key points of how he views his business.

In the beginning Craig and his team had limited resources but they made the best out of what they had. They didn’t just stop because the resources were lacking, but pushed forward and persevered, which is what all entrepreneurs need to do to succeed.

In 2011 Craig launched Craigconnects to support non-profits and other organizations with the aim to get things done on a sustainable basis.

On the 1/1/2015 Craig launched Craig Newmark Philanthropies with the intent to help strengthen the trust in news, Women In Tech with equal opportunities, Military service members and Americans struggling to vote.

Craig quoted saying, “I identify with the people who rarely get a break, including”

Craig Newmark is Techiest entrepreneur around, Newmark’s story is an inspiration to many!

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