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Career Tips and Tricks

Career Tips and Tricks You Need To Hear

Before I get in to these Career Tips and Tricks, Remember its easy to moan and be negative about job life like many people do,  but in order to actually change what it is about the work or career that you are unhappy with, there must be some actions.

The one thing I want you to promise me is that you will if anything read the last step in this article!…. We’ll go ahead say I promise, ok good enough now continue!

Oh look there it is… Massive Action Lolarrowaction


Yes there’s more, knowing these career tips and tricks is great but there must be Massive Action on a continual basis until you conquer the day and get what it is that you have been searching for.. for so long.

If you are truly not happy with something then there must be a change in your daily habits you must be taking action and doing certain things that you have not done before.  We’ve penned down a short brief list to help you get motivated, better your work life and in turn increase your happiness.

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Becoming stagnant at work can really decrease your motivation, happiness and overall professional work morale, which is why you should have work-related goals and dreams so that you stay motivated and hungry as you look to better yourself professionally.

It’s important to stay ambitious within your career because it only makes you a better professional in the end. Learn new skills, take on new tasks and climb the corporate ladder.  Ready to boost your career? here are some powerful steps to help you get to where you want to be!

Define what your “Next” really means

In order to take the next step in your career, you first have to figure out what you want or what you want to change??

What sort of opportunity are you looking for and is this the right time to go for it?!

Once you clearly stated to yourself what it is that you are aiming for then you can create a plan of action to start working your way towards your end goal. By creating and action plan you get to play out in your head how things should pan out the easiest way it to create your action plan from end to beginning.  Yes you heard me correctly start at the end and work your way back to where you are now.  Once completed you will have a clear plan of attack in a step by step format telling you exactly what you need to do after each step has been completed.

Keep your moves secret

Although you might be excited about new possibilities, it’s better if you kept them to yourself for now. You don’t want to tell too many people since it can get back to your boss or job and then you don’t know how they’ll react (positively or negatively). Only divulge your big moves to people you can trust and who will encourage you.  This also means be careful of your online activity as your colleagues might easily see a LinkedIn profile update or a Facebook status, the trick is to just be professional.

Get motivated

To give you the motivation to actually make professional changes and take your career to the next level do whatever you can to keep that motivation going. Listen to podcasts, read books, attend networking mixers – do anything you can to motivate yourself to get out of your comfort zone and make your next career move happen.

Watch Simon Sinek as he shares his take on staying motivating in your career

Learn Your Own Career Tips and Tricks

To gain the skills and knowledge needed to advance in your field, take online classes that will advance your potential when applying for that future role or job.

You don’t need to spend thousands of your hard earned cash on educating yourself. There are plenty of resources out there that extremely affordable, I have used Lynda, Udemy and even YouTube are valuable sites I have gained a heck of a lot from

Learning new things should be a lifelong thing as its how the most successful people in the world act and plays a big part in why that have reached such heights.  New found knowledge can be documented on your CV to make your CV stand out from the rest should the time come.

Attend events and conferences

Answer me this.  How do you think the majority of the people in the world get a new job?

The answer is;.. through another person!  So by meeting more people you are actually increasing your chances of finding a new opportunity.

It’s simple mathematics.The more people you meet the greater your odds are for success.

Go on Eventbrite and type in career or go to Meetup and click on the career and business section in the bottom right hand corner.  Then all you have to do is get out there and meet people in and out of your industry, you never know how they might be able to help you advance your career in the future! Make it a point to at least leave with 7 new contacts or more at every event you attend.

Find a mentor

If you need help advancing, look for a mentor to help guide you. They will be able to offer you their wisdom, knowledge and advice that can really help you boost your career and achieve your goals.  You might be thinking so how do I even set about finding a Mentor..?!

Simple read – How to Find (and Keep) a Mentor in 10 Not-So-Easy Steps by Jeff Goins

Follow thought leaders

Follow thought leaders and influencer’s in your line of work, these guys know all the career tips and trick around your industry or just those you admire on social media and soak up any pearls of wisdom they share on their platforms. Their words can really shed light on your day and help you with your future career plans.

Follow a career expert like J.T. O’Donnell  Founder of Work It Daily who gives valuable insights and advice on how to better your career.

Think positive

Thinking Positive works in 2 ways firstly its the best mindset to have when you’re trying to boost your career because it’s what helps you move on when you face challenges or roadblocks.  Remember when climbing the ladder of success, you will stumble a few times, but with the right mindset you’ll get right back up ready for more.

Secondly people can sense when someone is a positive person and every employer is looking for employees like this to fill their space, so let your positive ways shine through… Be a beacon of light for all to see!

Set small goals

We can try and look for as many career tips and tricks as we like but sometimes its the simple things in life that get us to the next level!

Its easy to set our selves these great big goals but we defeat ourselves before making any headway, make small achievable goals that you know you can and will get done.

These small goals allow us to gain strength in our ‘Completion Muscle’.  This is an area in our brain that tells us that we started something and that we always finish it.  Our brain then adjusts and begins to find finishing things easier because that’s what it has been trained to do. 

Regarding your profession, make small goals that relate to your professional life.  Every time you achieve a goal, set a new one and continue the pattern. Before you know it you will see a mountain of completion where there once were tasks, resulting in you having clearly paved your way to life of total career success.

Job hunt like a ‘Lion’ using Google

Watch this short video showing you how search for a job using Google so you will be ready to pounce like a Lion on any opportunity that comes your way.

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