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Britains Youngest Millionaire

Akshay Ruparelia – Britain’s Youngest Millionaire

Meet Britain’s Youngest Millionaire Akshay Ruparelia

Meet Akshay the 20 year old property tycoon who became Britain’s Youngest Millionaire

at the mere age of 17 whilst at A levels at Queen Elizabeth’s boys’ grammar school.

Akshay is on a mission to disrupt the estate agency industry by selling your property for £99.

His company DoorstepsUK has grown to be the 10th largest estate agents

in the country and has a net-worth of £12 million.


I was extremely please to interview Akshay because his business is causing a MASSIVE disruption within the estate agents industry which he is using to his advantage whilst saving property sellers huge sums of money ~ Russ Turner


A few facts about DoorStep UK

  • Akshay’s business DoorSteps UK has sold  £400 million worth of property in just over a year whilst saving his customers almost 5 million pounds.
  • Akshay said he found the inspiration for Doorsteps after reading Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary’s autobiography.
  • Instead of charging the average 2-3% commission most property agents apply to a sale — which on an average London property equates to about £10,000, according to Ruparelia — Doorsteps charges just £99.
  • Ruparelia went live with Doorsteps site just over a year ago, and in a recent funding round it was valued at £12 million. He raised almost £400,000 ($530,000) with around 500 investors via Crowdcube in return for just over 3% of his business.


Listen below to our Interview with Britain’s Youngest Millionaire

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Questions I Asked Akshay

1) Can you explain to our audience about your multi-million pound start-up Doorsteps UK and what makes it so special?!

2) How did the idea come about to launch Doorsteps?

3) You were still in sixth form when you started your company, what was you doing when your first sale came in?

4) What were your start-up cost and how did you fund them?

5) You were dubbed Britain’s youngest millionaire at the mere age of 17 has this title opened any doors for you or given a step up in business?

6) Your now 19 still very young to be in the business game but I would like to know if you had any moments of entrepreneurial flare when you were even younger?

7) What 3 tips or pieces of advise would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

8) Who has influenced you the most in life and also business?

9) You given us your top tips but do you have any Success habits as I like to call or daily routines that keep you moving forward towards your goals.

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