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Adam Lopez

Adam Lopez – Founder of Stodo Technologies

Who is Adam Lopez?

Adam Lopez is an award-winning entrepreneur who burst on the scene with creation of his humanized on-demand delivery company called Stodo Technologies a.k.a Stodo.

Adam is currently working his way through Harvard Business School and was named Connecticut Magazine’s “40 under 40” at the age of 29.

Showing philanthropist attributes Adam has been involved with multiple organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Connecticut Special Olympics, American Cancer Society, and Charity Water.

Although a newcomer, we believe Adam has what it takes to be a great force for good in the entrepreneurial community.

Below is Adam Lopez brandishing his 40 under 40 success for Connecticut Magazine

Most Harvard Grads are busy partying during their time at Harvard… But Not this guy!”

Though Adam is not launching the next social media platform like Facebook he does remind me of a young Mark Zuckerberg.

Adam has been busy beavering away showing similar tenacity whilst gaining his qualifications at Harvard Business School.

Interview With Adam Lopez- A Successful Startup Story

Q 》What age did your entrepreneurial mindset kick in and what do you think ignited it?

It really kicked-in whilst in college, it was my freshman year when I started my first company…it was a wild failure.

However, I learned the most important lesson of my career; I couldn’t work for someone else.

Q 》You seem to be on a successful trajectory as an entrepreneur, was there a time when you struggled and if so how did you get through it?

When you’re an entrepreneur it’s really a “one day at a time” kind of mentality, especially during the early stages of a start-up.

I’ve lived on ramen noodles, 99 cent pizza slices, and anything else that would fill me up for under three dollars. Some days I had to choose whether to eat or put gas in the car.

You have to just work hard and have a steadfast belief in your vision, which isn’t always easy when you see friends living it up in their normal twenty-something lifestyles.

As an entrepreneur you go into it knowing it’s a gamble and that excitement is what truly kept me going.

Entrepreneurs are the ones who scoff at safety nets and fallback plans. We ignore those who call us “crazy” in hopes that one day the World calls us 'Brilliant' - @theadamlopez Click To Tweet

Q 》Do you have any future plans for Stodo that will make you stand out above all of your competition?

We have been working on a number of ways to further humanize the experience of on-demand delivery.

We’ve also been working with contacts out of San Francisco to explore the possibility of solar-powered robotics for deliveries.

In August we’re slated to roll out the beta of a subscription-based delivery model in the United States.

Q 》 What was your biggest mistake and what did you learn from it?

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made is not treating my body properly when starting a company.

It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of ‘hitting the ground running’ however, there’s a very big toll taken on your body and mind that’s often underestimated.

You have to have an appreciation for taking care of your body even if that means the simple things like eating a little better, drinking more water or even just getting up and moving your body during the day.

It’s very easy to become hyper focused on your businesses health but you have to remember to keep your body and mind just as healthy.

Q 》If you could eat dinner with 3 people living or deceased who would it be and why them?

This is a tough one, I’d have to say Barack Obama, not even so much for a political sense but more so just to pick his brain and gain insight into his personal journey.

F. Scott Fitzgerald, his imagination was so incredible and with such talent that I think I would let him talk the entire time and wouldn’t even say a word.

Finally I’d have to go with

David Geffen, he was a pioneer in the music space and coming out of that arena myself I think it would be a terrific bookend for me.

Q 》What advice can you give to small business owners on a budget, regarding how to take their business to the next level?

At the end of the day we’re all on a budget, big or small, whichever. Ideas shouldn’t be limited by how much you have to spend because if you really are passionate about executing an idea then you’ll make it happen.

I treat every business I’ve ever been part of as if we have very little money, it makes you think more, find more creative solutions that sometimes become core pillars down the road.

Prove out your model with every fiber of your being, effort costs nothing, if you work hard enough and are diligent enough the right partners will take notice.

Q 》Which entrepreneur or successful businessperson do you consider the Most Mogul?

I’d have to say Chris Sacca. I think his vision for the future of certain industries is unparalleled.

Although he’s very well-known in the entrepreneur and venture capital community I think his talent and foresight makes him an asset to the advancement of technology and business worldwide.

Adam’s latest company Stodo Technologies is currently hosting an equity crowdfunding round via NetCapital.

For details or investment opportunities with Stodo head over to – Netcapital

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